Visually Creative

Meet florist Alison Rahal of Visually Creative:
when we first met
she was heavily pregnant
with her first baby
and busy making grand plans
for her *business* baby –
I thought she might need to slow the f*** down
but that was before I got to know this dynamo lady…

Intrigued as to whether a florist ever gets her fill of flowers
and what, if not, those flowers might be?
“Old fashioned roses are in my heart”

Since we met Alison’s moved her business
into a very cool warehouse space
in North Rocks
and developed a series of floral workshops
covering everything from kitchen tea gatherings
and bridal parties
to corporate team building
home styling
and flower crown parties
with a side of prop hire and delivery thrown in too
just in case this ultra hard working mutha
runs out of things to do 😉

In her own words
“everyone is welcome”
the aim being to create a central creative hub
for weddings, events & life celebrations
her dream client:
“one who just let’s me do my thang
– and has a healthy budget”

I ask Alison to tell me something she excels at
and she gives me, candidly:
Eating Nutella out of the jar!!

representative of her playful nature
– a self described child at heart
the business name Visually Creative
is a nod to Ali’s love of a blank canvas
and her creation of what she calls
“masterpieces of colour”
having seen them myself
i would describe this artist
as having magic hands:
they literally  s p r a y  blooms
forming fairytale arches
& transforming dreamy rooms
a passion that sees Alison clocking off at midnight
and back on again at 4am
you read that right.
backing up job after job after job
she’s been known to ditch sleep altogether
for upwards of three nights
– the absolute opposite
of the blissed out state she imagines
for the alternate universe
sliding doors version of her life
“growing an amazing seasonal garden, living off the land.
Basically going back to my Hungarian roots.”

Thanks Ali, a pleasure getting to know more about you x
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