Thought Leadership: Interactive Tech Trends

Three Interactive Tech Trends You Need To Know About in 2020

Groundbreaking exhibition stands are an integral part of trade show culture, with delegates clocking up significant air miles to attend they set the visual tone of each prestigious event and have long been one of the industry’s most talked about elements.

The brief used to be simple: creativity, attention to detail and enough impact to tempt people over.
But times have changed and with the rise of digital fluency, the benchmark for capturing and keeping the attention of an audience has also been raised.
A big smile, clipboard and freebie exchanged for a business card just don’t cut it, in an era where the aim of the game is to make a significant impact on floorspace already laden with the footprints of competitors.

The answer, of course, is technology and the creative application of it is proving limitless, with tech giants currently as likely to go viral as an unknown with an iphone and sense of humour or style.
The trick though, is to put a fresh perspective in front of our communities – and for exhibitors this means 2020 is about to go next level interactive.
Not just incorporating technology, but literally bringing it to life. Experiential design used to create immersive experiences, adding a crucial new dimension to innovative storytelling.

Bespoke Interactive Apps
Potentially the most accessible form of interactive technology for exhibitors: a simple app has a few fantastic benefits going for it. Rather than inviting people to look at or hear about your product, with
an app they can trial it themselves real time. Giving visitors to your stand the opportunity, for example, to custom build a kitchen, selecting the key features you came to promote and experiencing first hand how they would interact with each.
Ownership of the product from the minute they begin interacting with it – and the ability to continue exploring long after they leave.

Augmented Reality
In case you missed it: virtual reality is so last year. The next generation is about to embrace augmented reality – computer generated scenes integrated with a live view of the real world for a 2D/3D experience. Think glasses as computer screens and verbal cues replacing keyboards – infamously the plan for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Planet of 2026. This is a cutting edge way
for you to stand out in a crowded room, with the offer of interactive smart glasses to showcase both your product – and your grasp of game changing technology – from a whole new perspective.

yes. you read that right. And we’re not talking the pop culture stuff of movies looking to the next century; we’re talking right here right now. Robots are already mainstream, increasingly serving as a
novel way to entertain and interact with guests -!and they’re about to go big in 2019. The demand for service robots – specifically performing useful tasks for humans – is set to go into overdrive in the next three years. For exhibition stands this means fun, interactive assistance with meet and greets
and a co-host capable of both answering questions and recording vital event and delegate data.

The beauty of interactive technology at trade shows is that it breathes new life into an ever evolving space, and allows prospective customers to navigate products and services in such a way that it
creates the crucial lasting brand experience nirvana we’re striving to unpack every time we set up.