The Art Of Banksy

As a Brit I was always gonna hustle my way into the opening of Banksy’s much anticipated #PrettyCitySydney exhibit!!

My youth was punctuated with headlines of his latest antics: a street artist gone rogue making cutting statements on war and politics and the economy and the unspoken elephant in the room connecting all three.

I was ready for his art. But the stories and process shared throughout the exhibition from former Banksy photographer Steve Lazarides’ perspective were unexpected. If you’re as curious as I have been about the man behind the urban legend I suggest you get yourself a ticket.

I know you think you know his most iconic pieces but here he gives the goods on how he’s very cleverly packaged them for both high end and high street audiences – from producing multiple colourways, to limited edition prints, it’s a valuable insight into the business of being an artist I’d highly recommend to members of this fraternity.

I literally got schooled.

LiFE Lessons interspersed with anecdotes and wild stories: the whole thing is just next level cool.

The Art Of Banksy – the world’s largest touring collection of his works – is on now at The Entertainment Quarter Moore Park. 11am to 8/9pm 7 days a week, accessible and family friendly, tickets start at $32 each.

Can’t get there yourself – come take a little trip down memory lane with me: