you absolutely should take iced coffee tips
from #TheAdventuresOfCharlieAndTheBeautIcedCoffeesOfPrettyCitySydney chick 🐥
not least because i only started drinking coffee two years ago and i’ve been making up for lost time ever since. 

#TheAdventuresOfCharlieAndJOY x the boathouse balmoral mashup x

The Boathouse Group iced coffee wins the award for presentation, location and instagrammability – which will come as no surprise if you’re aware of their work because every single thing they do is phenomenally pretty.

For me, the ultimate cold brew has to include ice cream, whipped cream and some sort of waterfront beach scene – and these guys tick allll the boxes ✅

the boathouse patonga: a favourite

The Grounds Of The City takes MANY things next level – and one of them is this party party affogato:

..heaven on a gold platter. also my daughter x

Espresso, house made chocolate crusted tiramisu ice cream – and natural popping candy. Kid you not it hit the spot so good it damn near ended me 🤤 $8 per cup and tbh I would gladly have paid Them for the honour 😉

Highbration Organics are my Newport neighbours, sometime happy place and weekday skivin off werk faves. Also their  cold brews are what very gently and super efficiently get this freelancing single mutha of three through the circus that is *LiFE* these days!!

Sam & Ayana doing their thing x

Their signature Sharpen gets my vote: raw cacao, mesquite, a double shot of cold brew,  house made almond milk, almond butter and magical lions mane extract which, i’m pretty sure, is what’s fueling this mutha 🦁

In their words “the result: a slightly bitter, caramely iced mocha designed to boost cognitive function while giving you a sustained caffeine high without the jitters or heavy feeling in the guts; a new way to enjoy your coffee.”

It’s a yes yes yes from me x

last up: a Special Mention to what is actually in complete contrast to the above ^ Highbration healthiness: this gemini is about to treat you to her indulgent af version of glorious iced covfefe deliciousness 😂:

First, fill your desired reusable receptacle
with equal parts coconut water
and. yes.l:
condensed milk!
Next add coffee, shake and freeze to desired temperature – my preference: slushy af*

A knowing nod to my other fave the humble Vietnamese iced coffee: highly recommend you backtrack and get one any time you pass a seemingly unremarkable hole in the wall type banh-mi-serving Vietnamese joint in the city.

Scoota Cafe on Pitt Street in the City of Sydney

*Note you can also take these next level and add rum, coffee ice cream or espresso martini if, like me, you’re hardcore and want to keep it spicy!! 😉🔥

coming soon:

long & liquid lunch at the waterfront cafe & store in pittwater