Self Love

I was interviewed by my girl Melody at Fred + Far
about my writing
and my belief system
and what my self love rituals are:

When you were a child, what made you the happiest?
i was born a dreamer and a lover of books
so I’d quietly disappear inside my own little world as soon as i could x

Did you have a turning point in your life where you decided it was time to choose yourself? What was it?
2016 i packed up my home my kids my heart and my belongings
turned a page and celebrated a brave new beginning
with self worth self care and self love at the very heart of it x

What inspired you to do the work you’re doing today?
the writings of those before and around me
that have inspired, motivated or comforted me
– i want to continue those conversations;
to be that inspiration motivation and comfort
for those coming up alongside me x

Can you give us a story that exemplifies why you get fulfillment out of the work you do?
i wrote the words “i’m perfectly flawless my scars are what’s gorgeous”
and they ended up in the hands of a breast cancer survivor
– this is and will remain for me one of the most important moments of my writing journey x

When’s the last time you had to be super brave?
Brave for me is committing to list what i’m grateful for every morning
as i open my tired eyes
when there are bills and messages and emails and responsibilities i could just as easily prioritise x

How do you practice self love and care on a daily/weekly basis?
i’m so proud of my self talk
in my most challenging moments
my inner voice is supportive and encouraging and empowering
– it’s a conscious effort i’ve worked hard at
and my finest act of self love.
self care for me is choosing sleep

– over alone time, social media and netflix;
a choice i know every Mutha grapples with
and what it comes down to, if we’re honest, is that we simply can’t thrive without it x

What does choosing yourself mean to you today?
keeping my circle tight
choosing elements of my day that matter to me
and redesigning my LiFE x

What is your advice to your  40-year-old self?
my advice to myself right now
in this present moment
is Believe in yourself Charlie
i see you on the precipice of so much goodness
questioning your power
and whether or not you have the right to any of this
but i know how hard you work
so keep your head up woman and go get it x

What has motherhood taught you about self love?
that it’s a concept we have to teach our kids from the very beginning
it’s at the heart of raising gentle young men
and empowered young women x

What do you love most about yourself?
my spirit 🎉
in the past few years i’ve learned that you just cannot keep me down
– there’s no disaster i can’t turn around
– nothing and no one can displace my invisible crown;
and i’m m proud to say this is goodness i thrive on
but also share around
– come tell me your darkness
and I’ll show you where the light is to be found x

Why is uplifting/celebrating/empowering women important to you?
i’m a lover of sisterhood
a cheerleader by nature
and i believe that the future is empowered women
creating and holding space for each other x

Finish these sentences:
Women should: walk with swagger, we give LiFE, every step we take should be a step into our power x
Women can: write our own stories, we’re directing and producing now and we’re taking the lead x
Women will: change the way of the world, by raising beautiful boys as well as beyoutiful girls x
I am: a #PrettyCitySydney living Caribbean English QUEEN, loving on my work and my three miracle children x
My ring is my reminder to: not settle, in area of my existence, for anything less than that fireworks magic✨