Sample IT Case Study Copy

An example of technical copy simplified for marketing purposes:


How {CLIENT} Designed and Facilitated a Multisite Infrastructure Upgrade for {CLIENT}

The {CLIENT} provides independent certification services at laboratory sites in Melbourne and Fremantle. After an initial RFQ process {CLIENT}, having installed the {CLIENT}’s existing infrastructure 5 years prior, was contracted to undertake a comprehensive upgrade of existing hardware and replacement of the company’s multi-site stretched cluster DataCore environment.

The Challenge
With current servers and storage solutions out of warranty and out of maintenance the {CLIENT} required an upgrade in order to safeguard against potential security and operational vulnerabilities, and to bring currency to their IT framework.
With business service resilience identified as a critical component of the proposed solution the following core requirements were also provided:
• Storage Solution to support 64TB of Primary Site Storage and 64TB of Secondary Site Storage
• Multi-Site Data and Service Resilience
• Simplicity in design, implementation, and management,
• Flexibility to meet changing business requirements
• Common and widely adopted solution with broad vendor and community knowledge/support
• Enterprise feature rich with functionality providing value and cost savings
• Data resilience with ease of functionality
• Tightly integrated to provide advanced features and functionality

“The proposed upgrade would allow the {CLIENT} to become fully cloud based in the future if they wish to do so and major developments to software and hardware solutions over the past 5 years mean they will see significant improvements.”
{interviewee name & title}

The Solution
With in depth knowledge of the {CLIENT}’s needs due to the existing relationship and previously completed successful infrastructure projects, {CLIENT} was perfectly placed to assess and fulfill these requirements.
Solutions incorporating multi-site Disaster Recovery (DR) capabilities must always take into consideration the complete infrastructure stack including storage, server virtualisation, backup/replication, and network platforms, not just the storage environment.
A solution design of this type must integrate intelligently between the various technology platforms.
The {CLIENT} was presented with two distinct solutions to choose from and the chosen strategy – a ‘traditional’ DataCore IT infrastructure stack with separated component – was subsequently implemented. This included a refresh of the existing infrastructure environment and VMware hosts with new Lenovo hypervisor servers, a DataCore server, and Storage arrays for increased storage and performance.

While both proposals leveraged DataCore servers the {CLIENT} ultimately went with the solution which allowed them the option of migrating to a purely virtualised infrastructure in the future, as well as more sophisticated and standardised environment management.

The Results
By selecting a solution so closely aligned to their current set up the {CLIENT}‘s IT team was able to transition between the old and new infrastructure with minimal ongoing support. Already familiar with Lenovo and DataCore, they effectively ensured improvements for better performance from software already proven to cover their requirements.
In the five years since the {CLIENT}’s previous infrastructure upgrade there had been profound advances in technology and software capabilities. Products now available to them were far superior and significantly impacted by the outcomes of Lenovo’s own research and development during this time. Similarly DataCore software had also recently been upgraded to simplify ongoing environment management.
The revitalised system now in place enables the {CLIENT} to operate at multiple sites with minimal external hardware with the potential to easily onboard additional sites and to move to a completely virtualised cloud environment if they wish to do so in the future.
This new infrastructure also offers interstate data accesss and combats the dual replication and redundancy common with multiple site operations. Back up integrity, disaster recovery and data availability are also secured.

Simple, effective solutions which continue to support the {CLIENT} in their mission to transform production, marketing, valuing and processing in the industry by implementing global standards and procedures both here in Australia and overseas.

About {CLIENT}
{CLIENT} is a provider of best-in-class IT solutions to Australian Enterprises and local and state government departments.
We are proud to serve some of Australia’s best known and established companies as well as organisations navigating the challenges of business growth.

Established in 1997, we have grown our business by helping customers grow theirs. We partner with our clients to tailor technology solutions that support desired business outcomes and allow them to focus on what they do best. In doing so we design, supply, implement and manage end-to-end technology solutions and services.
{CLIENT} is a Lenovo Premier Partner with Authorised Lenovo Service Agent status.