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The Construction Industry Past Present & Future
As Managing Director {CLiENT} steers the company he built from the ground up through its twentieth year of trading, we sit down to talk humble beginnings and new directions, taking a closer look at what it means to not only survive but to thrive, in one of the world’s most competitive and reactive industries.

Thousands of projects completed for hundreds of clients across multiple continents read the stats, and as a former carpenter, who infamously founded the company from the living room of his family home, he is understandably very happy with that.

Now Founding Principal, he credits winning the role of foreman on construction of the exhibition centre at Darling Harbour “the first time it was built” as the early stage turning point of his career – and his role as Project Manager for the 2016 rebuild as coming full circle.

Humble Beginnings
December 2000, buoyed by the start of a new millennium, {CLiENT} – who had always seen himself getting into major construction “from day one that was always the goal” set about hand picking a select team across what would ultimately become the four {CLiENT} Construction Services disciplines: The fulfillment of a long held belief that combining these individual skill sets would prove the ultimate solution to competitively servicing the wider construction industry.

Survival Of The Fittest
A belief that held true as the company faced down the 2008 GFC at its ten year mark.
On reflection he depicts these years as a literal dog fight “to keep people employed and to keep our heads above water.”
With construction and new builds inevitably declining, and the growth of the project management side of the business rapidly receding, he attributes the company’s survival here to its ability to transfer the focus of the business to backend services, such as dispute resolution.
A counter cyclical move that bucked the trend of other construction service providers also struggling to stand their ground in the financially oppressive climate – and one that continues to stand the company in good stead to this day.

Four divisions working in synergy to win, plan, facilitate, deliver and support small to large scale construction projects, from inception to handover and dispute resolution, forming the core of the company’s unique offering and fueling its sustained growth.

The Next Twenty Years
More than a decade on from that period the industry is in the process of regenerating, with the upturn of the last few years setting us on the prosperous path we now diligently trace.
As the Government steadily increases spending on infrastructure and the market gains confidence, opportunities for growth and innovation are also on the rise.

For {CLiENT} the aim is to capitalise on the recovering market every step of the way, with plans to expand on what has been built domestically and an acute focus on international growth through a targeted recruitment drive, investing in the recruitment and retention of top tier industry experts.