Raising Curls

0n Raising Curls
because i’m a mutha of three
kids – yes
but also three incredibly curly heads
each one
when you look a little closer
completely and uniquely different from
the others

no. 1: Marley
has the tightest curls
corkscrews the circumference of a standard pencil
her hair loves routine like a newborn babe loves on demands feeds 🙄😂
and the most useful tool in my kit is protective styling;
aka keeping it neatly tucked away in braids
so i don’t have to wrestle with it on school mornings
– and when it is worn out at the weekends
– she sleeps with a plaited ponytail
– so i can get a brush back through it without armageddon

no. 2: Elvis
has the wildest driest blondest coolest curls
– with him moisture is the magic word
and the most time consuming part of his regime
is getting his hair soaking wet each morning
because by dry
i mean he can stand under a turbo shower
for a good half hour
and barely a drop of water will break cover

no. 3: Ruby
has the easiest curls
but literally the badassiest attitude in the whole entire world!
her hair is thinner looser and lighter
and the longer it gets the more she seems to be leaving her signature corkscrew curls in the past behind her
her hair doesn’t need much attention
the main focus here is figuring out how thick a product to use
and how much and how often
so she doesn’t end up looking like it’s just been raining 😉

here’s the basics of our regime
which you should adapt as the foundation for your own routine:

1: wet the hair
– soak it
– saturate it
because inside
and out
water is the ultimate moisturiser

2: don’t put shampoo anywhere near the hair

3: put a cleansing conditioner in the hair
*i cut mine with water & apple cider vinegar so it lasts longer and cleanses deeper*
– soak it
– saturate it
– let it sit
even just for a few minutes
or if you’re dealing with wildness
put a shower cap, plastic or food bag over it
and forget about it

4: brush out the hair
– without rinsing it
– still loaded with conditioner all the way through it
– using the gentlest brush you can comfortably do this with:
i’m a big fan of a tangle teaser style bristle and i also found a few cool contenders at kmart and on asos

5: rinse the hair

6: don’t put a towel anywhere near the hair
– squeeze it off
*and while still wet*
– liberally apply product
…of your choice…
have fun experimenting
always remembering that the most prominent word you want to see on the packaging is moisturising: even just a simple moisturising conditioner should leave it glowing

7: using your gently bristled curl loving brush comb the hair as a final detangle and to more evenly disperse the product ^

8: you might want to top off with a spray
– ours is a mix of aloe vera juice and rose water
– and tea tree & lavender
to keep curl nemesis school yard critters at bay 🐜🔫

^ consider this yours to make your own ^
if you want to share i’d love to see how you get on x