Nolan & Co.

Meet Anna Nolan of Nolan & Co.
we met at swimming lessons
a LiFEtime ago
and she’s got such
that we managed to stay in touch
all these years
pretty much effortlessly
fast Forward a few years
and when a super supportive mutual friend
shared a post about her new business venture
I’d just set up #This_TRiBE
so i went to get her

Nolan & Co. is stylish accessories
and elegant pieces
for homes and interiors:
if you’re renovating or restyling
looking for new pieces
or the perfect gift
you can visit her website
or view by private appointment
and i just love the
old school
feel this gives

i asked anna for her desert island must haves
if she ever found herself stranded
and her answer gives more insight than Myers Briggs 😉
Seeds to grow food
flint stones
a satellite phone
and a machete

like me
mornings are the best part of her work day
something about the energy of new beginnings
of course scrolling
and the sound of new orders coming in
to show anna your support
and some small business lovin
come back to her shop details below
when you start christmas shopping
or in the new year when allll our friends start househunting
let’s bring some #nolanandco to their housewarmings