Mandy’s Food Baby

Meet Mandy
Caker Baker & All Around Drool Maker
at #MandysFoodBaby

I asked Mandy what her perfect Sunday looks like – the answer:
baking, reading and hanging with the kids x
A fellow Newport Mum I fully appreciate just how sweet this is…

In her own words
Mandy’s Food Baby
is the result of an obsession with food
that’s growing into a fun new business venture

It started with Mandy
sharing her famed cook ups with family & friends
and now we find her shipping authentic Sri Lankan cuisine
into Northern Beaches homes every weekend

no surprise really
as it’s typically gluten & dairy free
naturally delicious and healthy;
a perfect fit for our life loving beach livin community

Mandy’s menu changes each week
it’s announced on facebook
or sent out on request direct to your inbox
and dinner is available Fridays
for local delivery or Newport pick up

You get 4 dishes plus rice
enough for two adults
with  v e r y  healthy appetites
all for around $50
your perfect girls night or date night in friendly price
– you set the mood guys
– Mandy will help you out with the spice 😉

…So, if you’re a Brit like me (*Charlie*)
on a never ending quest for a really good curry:
think Mandy’s Food Baby

If you’re a Mum like me
and you cannot believe that
– once again –
you have to make dinner for the family:
think Mandy’s Food Baby

And if you’re just a hard werkin couch surfing human like me;
lover of a friday night lock in
that doesn’t involve setting foot in the kitchen:
think Mandy’s Food Baby

Up next for our favourite foodie:
Website coming soon
And I personally predict she’ll be moving towards
satisfying her well documented sweet tooth
Plus she’ll be adding a Thursday cook up
when orders start adding up
And, fabulously, she has her sights set
on a very cool Avalon pop up

For now I’ll leave you with
Mandy’s dream dinner party guests:
Audrey Hepburn
Nigella Lawson
Nina Simone
– and Nigella who we allll know
would love some #MandysFoodBaby
goodness in her home…

Lovely to talk shop with you Mandy
I’ll be ordering soon x

www & Avalon pop up: watch this space