Made By The Hill

I was invited to Made By The Hill recently
and they very kindly
laid on a  b o m b  feast for me

the equivalent of a small stand alone city
out in rooty hill
this place is a bit of a big deal
– part nightclub
– part cafe
– part restaurant
– part diner
they’ve got everyone covered there
and for my visit
the focus was their in house burger bar

5 of Churburger’s best
introduced by the chef no less
with a focus on produce & detail
big flavours with finesse
this taster session was an exclusive preview
of upcoming goodness
here’s what you don’t wanna miss:
Holy Cheesus
2 patties S i X cheeses hash brown & fried egg
JUST to make sure you get your protein needs met 😂

The Whole Hog
I suggest you sit down for this
because it’s pork 4 ways
with an apple donut smack bang in the middle of it 😳

Mac To Mac
The one burger doing the rounds
I have been bustin to try
this bad boy had two mac & cheese patties
plus a beef burger
plus a fried chicken
swear down it’s one of the best burgers i’ve ever had in my LiFE 🙋🏽‍♀️

Chased this lot down with a couple of kickass cocktails
then went home to die 😂
Jokes – obvs i’m still alive 😂😂
When you head over for your turn
tell them you came via
#PrettyCitySydney & me, Charlie Writes

big thanks to Bango PR too x