Their engagement is a sign isn’t it
Divorced Mixed Race American Actress
Weds Younger Brit P
Another mighty wave
In the rising rebellion
That’s been gathering momentum
Since 08.11.16

That in this moment
We’re gifted with such a high profile
Interracial multicultural relationship
So important for my kids to see
For *our* kids to see

I noted Misty the other day
Majestic in Sleeping Beauty
I’ve long been in awe of her talent
But seeing her black beautiful princess
In a sea of white faces
I felt the utmost respect
…And then along came Miss Markle
With a little engagement announcement…

And Harry’s always been the rebel
Hasn’t he
As Mums we watched him
Wincing from afar
& rolling eyes
As he stumbled Bambi style
Through those early years of LiFE

We knew he was a good boy really

Felt the loss of his Mum
And regarded him a little moire tenderly
And then suddenly
Like a friend’s child you haven’t seen in ages
He shot up out of nowhere
All tall and post awkward
With a girlfriend too
And she’s kinda cool
And we don’t say it
But as Mums we’re thinking
Yeah, she’d approve x

So the boy’s coming good
Pitching his rebellious energy
Just about perfectly
And I love that he’s walking
Through doors Diana opened for him
Her divorce from Charlie
And relationship with Dodi
Leaving footprints
For him & his fiancée
To follow in
People a little more open
Because of his mutha before him

So you did good Diana
Your work continues
And I predict
The wife your boy chose
Will be working to honour you too x