How To Say No

Question: how do i say no to people without feeling uncomfortable
like this: No.
i’m joking
but i’m not
– because it really is this simple
but the key is
having your sentence good to go
and: pay attention here:
zipping up tight once you’ve said it

This means allowing that beat of silence
to sit between you
without feeling the need to fill it
with the sound of you
into the ‘Okay I Will’
that you didn’t really want to be lumbered with

So let’s start by adding your trusty NO sentence to your tool kit:
a good friend of mine went with
No That Doesn’t Work For Me
– six powerful little words
that changed the way people treat her
changed the way she treats herself

Because you are worthy sister
Your time is precious
Your efforts are appreciated
And your boundaries are about to be
R E S P E C T-ed
Aretha Style
*salsa dancer emoji*

…I personally have zero issues saying no
– a single Mutha with three young kids
and more projects on the go than sense
I can’t really get by any other way
so i’ve learned this past 18 months
to get clear on what i need to convey

The issue i do have though
is overthinking the stand i’ve taken;
second guessing myself
– tiny little dings in my mental wealth

So the second tool i’m giving you
is a really fckn annoying song
that you’ll be needing on repeat
as you zip up tight
and exit that aforementioned

– it’s called simply
Let It Go
and irritating as it is
you’re gonna learn to love it
as the sound of you
waltzing away from things not meant for you
*salsa dancer emoji**crown emoji**salsa dancer emoji*

and we’re done x
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