How To Fail

i fail alllll the time sis
expert at it now
i’ve learned this is where the gold is
you’re looking at just a few of my former disasters ^
aka non starters
the wood and the foils and the canvas
and yeah all the damn fancy af paper
I’ll have an idea
and swear down
this is the money maker right here
– investing time money and energy –
convinced it’s all tenfold coming back to me
then i put it out there
and it’s like standing on a podium
singin to exactly no one:
like a desert
i step down
pack my shit up
and file it away
in a cupboard full of others
that went the same way
and i know you know where i’m going
because yeah it sucks
also, embarrassing
but we’re makers and creators
and this is what we call growing
so i’m smarter now
than i was in the beginning
i’ve learned failure isn’t failure
it’s actually stepping stones
and it’s treasure
an edit
a LiFE lesson
a plot twist
and when it comes to visit
my advice is
make magic with it
– also the off cuts make a fcking excellent craft draw for the kids 😉