Berkelo Bread

everyone nods their head
when i mention berkelo bread
their loaves are the stuff of urban legend
“yeah they’re expensive
but that’s because of the goodness they’re made with”
i came to join the chorus
because i learned first hand
at their latest sourdough workshop
that each one has 18 hours of heart work put in

two things you should know about me
before i take you on my first ever bread making journey:
i don’t eat much bread
and i  h a t e  getting my hands dirty
*rolls eyes like a 5 year old who’s just been told she’ll never have a puppy*
i digress.

two things i do love:
and taking long walks outside my comfort zone
which is how i wound up
spending four decidedly dough covered hours
in the kitchen at berkelo
learning and noting
and kneading and asking
and folding and slapping
and sipping & snacking

because one of a few cool things about this place
is that the gentle men behind it identify not as bakers
but as chefs
so what you’re getting both in the shop
and in the workshop
is so much more than bread

and if
like me
you care about the people behind your purchases
and you pride yourself on unearthing
original & meaningful experiences
you need to get yourself on the waitlist
for their next set of classes

4 hrs
2 sourdough loaves
slow fermented
so they’re easily digested
3 feasts
1 home grown honeycomb
butter all their own
few vinos
cool tote
and a 3 year old sourdough starter to take home
$160 dollars: